What to know before you buy...
              Or facts and answers to common questions.

Common “Q & A”s

Q. Do I need a web developer to build my site?

A. No, not always. Even if you are a novice you can learn to build a basic website using editor “helpers” that are available as software and through online services. However, if you don’t have the time or patience to learn how to build a website and you want to have a professional looking site that reflects the quality of your business, it’s best if you leave that up to a web developer. Your time is better spent on your business than building your website.

Q. How much will my website cost?

A. This depends entirely on what you need. There is no “stock” price. Websites are very individual and there are many factors that influence the cost. In order to get the most accurate price proposal, be very clear and detailed on what you want your website to do or have (such as shopping carts, directory listings, private logins, hidden content, and so on.)

Q. Will I be able to edit the content on my website?

A. If this is a feature you want make sure to let your web developer know. This does increase the cost of your website. Many CMSs (content management systems – ones with editing capabilities) are built on the WordPress platform which is very robust, powerful and gives you a lot of options for control on your website. There are other editors that can be installed on a website that allow you to edit text content. These can be more cost effective for the owner who wants to make small text changes from time to time.

Q. Can I make payments on my website?

A. We generally give clients different options for payment. Our usual is 1/2 payment up front and the other 1/2 upon completion of the site. Other options we have done are to split the website cost into 3 payments and on some rarer occasions we will take a down payment and set up a monthly payment schedule.

Q. Does my business really need a website?

A. Most businesses need an online presence these days. You especially need a website if you are a Brick and Mortar store, offer professional services, are a non-profit business or sell products.

Q. I have a Facebook business page, isn’t that enough?

A. Facebook does not replace the value of a website! It is a marketing vehicle meant to compliment a website.

Q. Why does my website need to be hosted?

A. Hosting provides a “home” for your website. All websites need to be hosted somewhere. The best hosting from professional companies provide 24/7 maintenance of the servers that house your website. Quality hosting usually costs anywhere from $75 to $150 per year for the average business. Not all hosting companies are created equally. Research top providers and make sure to read forum comments where great feedback from real customers can be found.

Q. What if I don’t even have a logo or design idea?

A. Not to worry. We partner with a talented and creative graphic artist and marketing expert who will work with you on developing the perfect logo for your business and a website layout geared for success.

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