"Build it and they will come"...
                        But, only if you do it right!


How we build your website…

Taking that first step is always the hardest, but once you contact Equine Online Design (EOD) you’ll breathe a sigh of relief because we organize and orchestrate the entire website project for you so you can concentrate on your business! And, when it is completed, you have the peace of mind that we are just a phone call away.

process1 EOD’s goal is to ensure that your website supports your general business strategy. We will ask a lot of questions, like, “What are your short term and long term goals?  What is your vision for your website five years from now? How involved do you want to be in its maintenance and SEO?” There’s a whole page of questions because we want to be sure the website strategy is integrated with your business, social media, and marketing strategies.
Website Design & Navigation Your project begins with an estimate, contract, site plan, and specification sheet. We will help you set up a hosting account, emails, and a temporary ”landing page.” Next, it is on to design.  EOD will provide for your approval a HOME page design template (shows the website look, feel, and functionality), which becomes the design master for all subsequent pages. Depending on the project complexity, we will either provide you with draft page designs or design the pages in the “development site”, which is a temporary site that has private access only.
Development - Programming Programming (coding) your website is done in a temporary development folder in your hosting account or on our server. At this stage we add the page content (text, images, pdf forms, etc…) to the website and structure the content layout according to the initial designs and input from you.
Testing & Re-Testing When you have approved the development site, we test every page, link, video, and photo ID to be sure the functionality, aesthetics, and navigation are working properly. Now it is time to make the site “live” – – accessible to the world. EOD moves the site from the development folder to the live hosting once it is looking and acting the way you want it to.
Training & Documentation WordPress sites provide valuable convenience and cost savings to the site owner. If your site is WordPress based, we will train you how to do basic content and photo changes, add pages, and support the SEO. We give you all necessary urls, user names and passwords for your hosting account, website login (if using a CMS), Google Analytics account, etc… in a text document. This way you are in control!
Analytics to Measure Success Is your website getting visitors and helping your business grow? EOD arms you with website-linked Google Analytics, which provides you with easy to read reports on page visits, link clicks, frequency, sources, and much much more. Your reports can be customized and sent to your email address as often as you like – it’s that easy!
process7 Websites are living things – – they need to be fed and cared for.  There are program updates to do, content changes for maximum SEO, and periodic checks on functionality and links to be sure all is working properly. We will help you understand the steps to take to maintain a healthy website, or EOD can perform this regularly scheduled task for you.

Don’t wait any longer. A website is a MUST HAVE for any business looking to grow and prosper. Today, websites are as crucial as having a business card. Your business does not exist to a major segment of your market unless you have a website.