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I was perusing through my card file and there you were. It sent me on a trip down Memory Lane from seven years ago; I just knew I needed to write.

Adrienne, I am so appreciative of all the help you gave me when I was starting Perrydale Trails. I really didn’t need any card to think of all you’ve done for me. Every time I work with my website reminds me that YOU made it possible. Seeing your business card just made me realize it was past time to send you another “thank you!”

You enhanced and vectored my logo (which I am so very proud of!), you gave me wise guidance on setting up my website ( for which I receive many compliments on). You answered all my questions with patience and skill. I remember being so ignorant … you were so patient and encouraging even in my “deer in the headlights” trance. You held my hand and steered me through all the technological waters with ease. I am grateful you were alright with allowing me to be the website master. You believed in me and gave me the courage to make it work. Having an attractive, informative, easy-to-use website is crucial for a business. You showed me how it’s done – the right way, the first time.

I will always recognize YOU are the one behind my website success! Thank you again AND forever, Adrienne!

Rebecca Herron

Owner, Perrydale Trails

We have worked with Adrienne Raymond at Equine Online Design since 2010. During this period we have completed several major revamps on our website, added more functionality, fought off a few potential disasters, and enhanced the look and feel of the website experience for our clients and potential clients.  Adrienne has been our brilliant and trusted partner in every case.  She is quick to respond, looks for work-arounds when the initial roadblock is daunting , and never gives up.  She is creative, resourceful , and has my back.  Her reliability is second to none.  I know if Adrienne commits to a deliverable, it will be done, and usually before the deadline.    We work with a number of contractors who assist us in the delivery of our goods and services.  Adrienne is our most available, conscientious and reliable partner.  She clearly makes a positive impact on our business and our image.

Kim Silvers

Owner, Silvers HR

Adrienne of EquineOnlineDesign.com built our original starter website 5 years ago or so for our Bed & Breakfast. Since that time she has been prompt and efficient at making any revisions we’ve requested. As business via the web has evolved, it came time for us to upgrade to enable mobile friendly contacts. We turned to her once again and she built us a beautiful new mobile friendly website, adding in all the necessary keywords and other tweaks to help with SEO. I’m so pleased with how it turned out, in budget and well within the time frame promised. Not surprisingly, we’ve had an increase in business as a result. I would not hesitate to recommend Adrienne to anyone who needs help with web design and development!  She does beautiful work!

Harold & Leah McKay

Owners, The Owl's Nest Inn

Adrienne of Equine Online Design has been my web master since 2010. I approached her asking if she could design a simple, very manageable and user-friendly website for my new business – Seal Floorboards. I’m not a techno kind of person and wanted her to come up with something that I didn’t have to worry about on a day-to-day basis. I also wanted something economical that I could have a hand in the design of. What Adrienne came up with has remained  the basic format for my current website. It has served me well over the last seven years and I can rely on Adrienne to change and post seasonal sales, new products, and  promotions that I offer I would certainly recommend Adrienne to anyone looking to upgrade or begin from scratch the design of a new website. Adrienne has done very well by Seal Floorboards and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

John Anderson

Inventor, Seal Floorboards

Adrienne has designed two websites for me, one for my own business, one for a nonprofit organization where I am the volunteer website liaison. Working with Adrienne has been a pure delight. She is brilliant at what she does and I am ecstatic that she is the one who is in charge of all things website technical on these two websites. She creates magic in visual design and also in the back-end functioning which is and should remain a mystery to me and to website visitors. She is easy to work with and communicates well with the nontechnical among us. If you are looking for a five star web designer, go with Adrienne. You will be glad you did.

Via Anderson

instructor, Intelligent Movement Forever

Equine Online Design and more specifically Adrienne have been a great help in making our website multiple times. She even set it up so we can easily make changes ourselves. She’s always ready to fix our website and help us with domain issues when they arise. We highly recommend Equine Online Design.

Molly McDonnell

Owner, Newberg Mail Room

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