A full range of services to integrate your business
and website goals, all customized to maximize success.

At Equine Online Design (EOD) it is our belief that business goals and website goals intertwine. A good website can enhance your business, while a bad one can actually have a negative impact. It is better to have no website than a poorly constructed one that frustrates visitors. When building a website for your business you need to consider many things that will aid in online success. We can help with this and guide a website strategy that contributes to business success.

Quality website structure

Building a website these days is a lot more than just firing up your newly purchased website editing software and “making” a website.

As the Internet becomes the number one place to market and advertise business, the number of businesses competing with yours is great. In order to have your website found by potential customers, you need to start with a well designed website. A bad site, both visually and in the code structure, will impact how well you rank with search engines and how quickly your site is found. Even if you pay lots of money for premium advertising on search engines and other venues, driving potential customers to a badly designed, poorly functioning site is like flushing money down the toilet.

Effective website structure starts with clean and optimized code that is favored by search engines. Next, is a super efficient and intuitive navigation that stays consistent throughout all the pages.

Good websites have a visual layout that is pleasing to visitors. This means tailoring website design to the particular target audience and taking into consideration the use of the website, plus considering your product, service or industry.

Other crucial elements of website structure include an attractive and professional look, creating color contrast for readability, optimal placement of content on pages, the “quality” of that content, the quality and appropriateness of the photos and graphics, using keywords and internal links effectively, optimizing graphics and images for fast loading, and making sure to title code properly for handicap accessibility.

Yes, “Wow!” is right.

There’s a lot more to it then the simple freebie templates you find on sites who want you for your audience value.  They care little about the success of your site and business, and give little to no attention to SEO, protection, and the quality of the finished pages.

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