Do-It-Yourself Website Build Options

Are you a Do-It-Yourself type?

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Sometimes, because of budget constraints or just to learn a skill better, people will take on the task of building their own websites for their business. I applaud this because back in the day, that is exactly what I did! However, in my experience, I have seen many websites started that are never finished. People get stuck and often don’t know where to turn for a small amount of help. Even searching how to do something can be overwhelming as there is SO much out there to choose from. You could waste a whole day just going through it to find the little piece you need. An many web developers aren’t willing to just “lend a hand” or take over a partially completed website!

If this sounds like you – than Equine Online Design has a solution!

Here at Equine Online Design I like helping people be self-sufficient with their websites. I make sure my clients always own their hosting and offer tutoring on how to use their CMS websites so they can take charge of their website once it’s completed. When I’ve built the website from the start I always offer tutoring as part of the package and support for a few weeks after the website is live. But what about those others…the do-it-yourself types that are stuck and just need a few questions answered or a small amount of help to get past a development obstacle? Well, I have come up with a smorgasbord or Small Assistance Packages that will appeal to the person doing their own website build. Check them out below.

To initiate any of the options listed in the tabs, make your PayPal payment and send me the required information as described. Once payment is complete I’ll either answer your questions, schedule a phone/skype session, or fulfill the required option.

Don’t you just sometimes wish there was someone you could email or call whenever you had a website issue? When you’re building a website on your own it’s really nice to have someone to turn to with all those little questions. Sure you could spend hours searching online for answers but if you could just send off an email or make a call and get that answer in a few minutes wouldn’t it be great?

This offer is for those of you Do-It-Yourselfers who want the luxury of having someone available to you M-F to answer all the little questions and even some of the big ones.


For $400 per MONTH, you can have me at your beck and call for website questions. Call me anytime from 9am to 12noon M-F and I will be on the phone with you walking you through problems. Email me with questions and I’ll email answers back to you within 24 hours, often with accompanying screenshots.