Domain Name Scams

Mar 2, 2013 | General

Don’t be a victim of Internet Fraud!

scamLetter2Many people or businesses who have a website that has been set up by their web developer are unfamiliar with the terms of their domain name(s) or hosting account.

Because of this, they can fall victim to domain name or hosting frauds such as addressed in this KGW news report (July 2017: unfortunately the link to the news article does not lead to it anymore. The article has been removed or archived with a different address. There is a link to another report about it below which gives some good info). Knowledge and information about your domain name registration and hosting account will help against these types of frauds:

In particular, you should arm yourself with this knowledge:

  • – WHO your domain name registrar and hosting company is.
  • – HOW are these accounts being paid for – through your web developer or on your own credit card.
  • – WHEN your annual renewal dates are

As your web developer, I make sure to set-up hosting and domain name registration on your own credit card and set for automatic, annual renewal. I also give you a site information document when your website is complete that contains all this important information and more. And lastly, I am always readily available for question about your website and should be your first line of defense whenever you receive anything questionable regarding your online presence.

New Link about the KGW news article – Small Business Owners Beware