Using Word Press as your CMS website

Feb 16, 2013 | Website Development

Easy…all I have to do is install WordPress and I have a site…right?

WordPress out of the box is set up as a blogging platform. In order to make WordPress behave like a regular website with a static home page, other static pages and perhaps no blog portion at all, settings need to be modified, navigation needs adjusted and pages need to be created. To really add “bells and whistles” custom page templates and individual sidebars should be created.

For the novice who gets WordPress installed on their hosting account, the point where they crash and burn is usually when they install their first theme and can’t figure out why the home page shows all the posts. They switch to a new theme and same thing. Soon they realize it’s not a problem with the theme it’s something much more evil that is thwarting their good intentions of “WordPress do-it-yourself”.

It’s at this point when you should turn to a web developer. Web development doesn’t have to be a start to finish project. It can also be a some hours spent configuring an “out-of-the-box” WordPress site so a client can use it like a content management system. We can “save the day” and keep you within your “do it yourself” budget!